DESIGNER Marcello Ziliani
Mara returned to Orgatec 2022 with a small revolution in the office world. A work on colour and the creation of an innovative and original palette and a series of novelties that promise to become a new classic and give any work environment, whether domestic or collective, a highly innovative aesthetic. Mirroring the times, which increasingly want hybrid spaces capable of integrating different functions, not only performative but also social, communication and, above all, well-being. Icon is the new, exclusive collection of upholstered chairs designed by Marcello Ziliani and the Mara R&D team, which is already an icon, ready to cross the boundary between home office and institutional spaces. Clear, modern profiles, assisted by abundant cushioning and the movement of the backrest, which is deliberately separated from the seat, configure the hybrid chair par excellence, ideal in front of a desk as well as at a dining table.