Lilum by Maxalto

BRAND Maxalto
DESIGNER Antonio Citterio
Lilum by Maxalto, whit sinuous, organic-inspired lines typical of the post World War period, is designed specifically for convivial and intimate solutions, and therefore to exist within the same environment together with more formal sofas. Marked by the direct seating frame, it is available in various more or less compact shapes. The construction technique is mixed: the backrest is moulded using in-house technology that ensures maximum precision of each profile, while the base is made using the classic technique for quality with multilayer glued laminated wood, without nails or glue. The aluminium profile in various finishes, that perfectly follow its geometry that defines the contour with a touch of understated refinement, while the accentuated edge separating the base from the seating, is a reminder of traditional handcrafted sofas.