Plinto by Meridiani

BRAND Meridiani
DESIGNER Andrea Parisio
The Plinto table collection by Meridiani, designed by Andrea Parisio in 2015, becomes a an even more tailor-made project: in addition to the numerous interpretations, one was born new proposal with a monolithic look. The W version now features a completely mono-block base with three or four legs, with tops available in multiple variations of geometric shapes and size. The versatility and the almost infinite possibility of combining materials and finishes, from the colors of the lacquers in the wide range of marbles with the colors of the oak essence strongly denote this iconic collection, which does not forget the formal cleanliness and the design balance in each of its versions. The shape and name recall stability and planning: from the Latin plinthus, the Plinto collection refers to the architectural element that acts as a support for a column.