Marteen by Molteni&C

BRAND Molteni&C
Marteen is the new seating system conceived by Vincent Van Duysen, one of the Molteni&C 2021 Collection protagonists. Marteen is a multifunctional seating and storage system introducing harmony with perfectly balanced volumes, in an alternation of solids and voids. The Belgian designer has succeeded in his intent of rewriting the living area experience, contaminating traditional types of seating with freer and more informal lifestyles, translating them into extremely versatile and contemporary configurations. The infinite possibilities of the Marteen sofa are revealed in the creation of various compositions - from the classic corner solution to the most modern island solutions - thanks to the combination of the various elements, including seats and storage units. The modular system is distinguished by its end module, which can be upholstered in fabric or leather, with backrests and low and high armrests, enriched by wood (eucalyptus or thermo oak wood) or lacquered storage units. The armrest element defines the design and gives rhythm to the structure, acting both as a support point and as a container.