Reva Cocoon

BRAND Pedrali
DESIGNER Patrick Jouin
Reva Cocoon by Patrick Jouin for Pedrali is a modular and configurable outdoor seating system. The discontinuity in the height of the backrests, like the different weaves of the rope weave, vary consistency, luminosity and perception. The aluminium frame covered with weather-resistant woven polypropylene ropes is light and gives shape to comfortable living. Woven, textured, artificial or natural yarns are an obvious trend. Their roughness and tactility respond to the need for bonding, for contact. And they bring us sensorially back to an idea of non-sophistication. Reva Cocoon is a collection that expresses the pleasure of being outdoors. And consequently its aesthetic quality should revive well-being, comfort. The technical characteristics of materials and finishes are different from indoors: they are chosen to be outdoors without having to worry about their durability or resistance. And it is actually technology that plays the most important part in the construction of projects of this kind: it exponentially increases the degree of functional freedom. So there is a lot of freedom and a total absence of stress.