Buddyhub desk

BRAND Pedrali
Finding an intimate space within increasingly fluid, continuously reconfigurable environments is the requirement fulfilled by the Buddyhub desk, design Busetti Garuti Redaelli. The new member of the Buddy family retains the collection's characteristic friendly design. A functional and efficient workstation where you can concentrate away from the background noise typical of open spaces. Buddyhub desk is characterised by a sound-absorbing perimeter panel that embraces a stratified work surface, creating a private and acoustically protected privacy niche. A piece of furniture that can be configured as an operating workstation and equipped with a cable duct for electrification. Or a temporary workstation, conceived as a reserved space in which to work informally, to make calls, standing or sitting, thanks to the possibility of a concealed electrical socket. Buddyhub desk is a modular piece of furniture that can be combined with other Buddyhub desks, or with the lounge chairs of the Buddyhub collection, to separate open spaces and create co-working and meeting areas. The panel is supported by slender legs that lift it off the ground and make it easier to see, as well as extremely functional by facilitating cleaning and maintenance.