Romby by Porro

DESIGNER Gam Fratesi
From the transformation of the Romby chair designed in 2020 and tiptoeing into the ‘manifesto’object of Porro design, capable of immediately narrating the geometric purity, manufacturing excellence and artisan flavor that define the brand, the new armchair is now designed for its all-comprehensive use, opening up new possibilities in the home office and contract. The shapes of the upholstered shell seem to blossom, they widen and rise to create the armrests, releasing an unexpected sensation of softness and naturalness, without losing the lightness and essentiality of the original model. The truncated cone base leaves instead the field to the practicality of 4 central wooden legs, a sort of costume change with the visual effect of a full suspended upper volume that seems to take flight, in the name of hospitality and functionality.