Comacina by Riva Mobili D'Arte

DESIGNER Project office
Comacina is Riva Mobili D'Arte’s most recent collection, and thanks to its refined details it represents the highest expression of the Maison’s creativity, savoir faire and creative ingenuity. The strong point of the collection is the search for details that guarantee authenticity, craftsmanship, giving life to the true Riva Mobili D’Arte style. A collection with sinuous yet determined lines, with floral decorations and soft pastel nuances. A triumph of shapes and colours that fascinate thanks to the precision of the details, the delicate carvings that embrace the sinuous profiles and the majestic inlays that recall the beauty of the nature. The piano, is the masterpiece of the collection, an object of timeless charm, made of fine mother-of-pearl whose iridescent pearly white colour enriches the inlays of the brand’s creations with its own splendour.