Tecla by Sawaya & Moroni

DESIGNER Mario Cucinella
Sawaya & Moroni presents the Tecla armchair designed by Mario Cucinella, the result of an architectural design experimentation conducted since 2021. The single unitary shell of the overall structure, reminiscent of an upturned architectural cupola, houses the upholstered part of the backrest and seat, to which two cushions are added ensuring the ergonomics support. The 3D printer technology, already tested for the inhabitable space, is now used on the scale of the furnishings for the version of Tecla made of recycled plastic, while the wooden version that is made by assembling elements of solid ash wood sourced from controlled plantations whose processing and finishing stages are based on strict respect for the environment. Tecla, part of Act Sustainable collection, is an iconic armchair combining the dimension of furnishing with the memory of a protective and enveloping element, transmitting that idea of space as man’s home handed down over time in every civilization.