BRAND Zanotta
Noah by Damian Williamson is one of Zanotta’s novelties in 2022. It is a compact modular sofa that also includes curved modules to facilitate eye contact and configure a more cosy and informal living area.
The work of the designer has focused precisely on the possibility of creating a seating system that breaks out of the usual geometry, creating a thin, light platform with rounded corners and covered in fabric or leather on which to place the upholstery. Damien Williamson chose an overlapping of volumes on several levels and a single cushion for the seat.
The system consists of numerous types of modules: 2-seater, 2-seater elongated and 3-seater monoblocs; poufs; elongated armchairs; and different straight and curved terminals with and without trays. This last element, made of solid open-pore matt black painted ash, is an integral part of the design and is declined both as an end piece, instead of the armrest, resulting in a light support surface thanks to the retracted and magnetized feet that are not visible but provide stability, both in the circular version to be freely placed on the seat.
The padding is in polyurethane with differentiated density and memory foam in the most superficial part, making the seat non-deformable and with excellent return performance. The central part is made of regenerated and regenerable polyester flakes, while the backrest padding is in goose down.
Noah is designed to adapt to both large spaces, becoming an island of comfort, and small spaces thanks to its compactness and the simplicity of its slightly offset geometries that lighten the visual perception.