BRAND Zanotta
Za:Za is Zanotta's monobloc sofa with soft lines, a soft and enveloping expression of a language that takes into account not only aesthetics and comfort, but also the rationalisation of production and recycling cycles, to offer a comfortable and conscious product. As its name suggests, it is the result of close collaboration between Zaven and Zanotta, a work of synthesis and deconstruction, where the canonical elements that make up the sofa have been examined individually, broken down, reduced to the essential. A cylindrical tubular steel frame defines the sofa's structure, solid and welded in a single piece and available in matt black and red. The metal skeleton supports suspended polyester straps (anthracite colour) which, fixed at the front, rise loosely up to the backrest to create a housing for the upholstered elements. Armrests, backrest and seat are fitted like a tailored suit so that they almost completely cover the frame and straps to which they are attached by means of a series of snap fasteners. The upholstery is made with a non-removable inner cover of regenerated and regenerable polyester that contains two softening elements: polyurethane, positioned in the lower or back part of the cushion, and microspheres of regenerated and regenerable polyester in the upper or front part. No adhesives are used to assemble the different fillings, which are placed in individual cushions within different pockets. The sum of these materials ensures enveloping comfort. Removable outer cover in fabric. A comfortable and sustainable sofa, assembled without the use of glue and with recycled, recyclable and easily disassembled materials.