Ofuro by Antoniolupi

BRAND Antoniolupi
DESIGNER Carlo Colombo
Ofuro is the bathtub designed by Carlo Colombo for Antoniolupi and inspired by the ancient Japanese ritual of the Ofuro, which is still repeated in the homes and ryokans of the Land of the Rising Sun. Made of Flumood, the Ofuro bathtub has an edge of varying thickness, wider in some parts with the consequent possibility of supporting objects and body care products, thinner in others so as to lighten the imposing volume. The lowered edge in the front invites you to enter, to fully immerse yourself both in the freestanding version and when the bathtub is recessed in the floor and takes on the image of a natural pool of water. The bathtub can be equipped with a LED light integrated into the base of the volume, which is smaller than the bathtub body, creating a feeling of elegance, lightness and suspension.