BRAND Antoniolupi
DESIGNER Carlo Colombo
Antoniolupi deepens with its creations the idea of the bathroom as a place of experimentation for shapes and materials  an environment, personalized and customizable, more and more central in the home.
The Sled bathtub, designed by Carlo Colombo, is the result of a twenty-year partnership between the company and the designer to whom Andrea Lupi, creative director of Antoniolupi, entrusted the task of designing a bathtub that had two well-defined characteristics: a large support surface inserted in its entire length and the integration of light into the project. The result is a sculptural, elegant and functional product with a soul that reflects the designer’s hand.
The special feature is the light, an optional particularly appreciated from an aesthetic point of view that follows the habit of hotels abroad to offer a courtesy light on in the rooms. To meet this functional need, a perimeter LED has been inserted in the base of Sled, making the project unique. To date, in fact, there are no other bathtubs on the market with this particularity of an incorporated luminous element. The tub also has a fluid and soft shape that, depending on the angle from which you look at it, looks different. In fact, two inclined cuts make it look like a sled raised from the ground, and this effect is emphasized when the light is on.
Antoniolupi is a brand of excellence that pursues the desire to create innovative products that stand out on the market for their design and research on materials. Objects that invent new fashions and create new habits, such as keeping the courtesy light always on in the bathroom.