BRAND Antoniolupi
DESIGNER Brian Sironi
Apollo is the shower head that is also a lighting body. Light source and water source in a single system: an unprecedented combination in the name of antoniolupi signed by Brian Sironi. In keeping with the evolution of the bathroom from a service area to a space for well-being, Apollo is an activator of experiences that transforms the shower into a luminous rain capable of combining relaxation and visual comfort. Materially, it is a linear configuration of tubulars made of brass. The shower heads are equipped with rain or nail jets. The LED lighting, aesthetically represented by a circular sphere, is equipped with an automatic switch-on mechanism simultaneously with the water supply and a 120-second delayed switch-off. The collection consists of two ceiling models and a more iconic version, to be mounted on the wall, which resolves through the Y shape the different functions attributed to the three branches that make up the element: lighting, flow distribution water and wall fixing. Apollo is the result of advanced technological research that has allowed the miniaturization of the components to ensure the full implementation of the original idea characterized by pure shapes and minimal lines that play with the compositions of tubular shapes. Water and light are equally important, the two elements are born and coexist together: Apollo is a lamp and a shower head at the same time, renewing the shower experience through a primordial luminous rain that combines relaxation and visual comfort. In this way, the simple daily gesture of taking a shower acquires a different value and the entire bathroom becomes a place for well-being, similar to a spa, creating a small domestic luxury. Apollo in classical mythology is not only linked to the concept of beauty, but also symbolizes the two fundamental elements, as the god of the sun born between the waves of the island of Delos. Light and water are summarized in a single mythological figure, just like in the collection of antoniolupi.