Atelier Collections

Ideal Standard's most recent contribution to the culture of design is Atelier Collections, a new series of objects born from the partnership with the PS + A studio that bring the inspiration of historical pieces to the contemporary. Each collection of this laboratory of ideas combines innovation and beauty to create timeless projects. All collections are part of a universe that creates a unique project. Color and shape are essential to give life to the mood and to enhance the sense of well-being in the spaces. In the ceramic collections, a varied and versatile palette is available to create a personal environment. With a design philosophy supported both from a functional and an aesthetic point of view, it is possible to find a unique range of solutions, made possible by cutting-edge technologies. Twelve colors, some inspired by the company tradition, others completely new, all created to overcome the boundaries in the creation of the bathroom. An integral part of Atelier Collections, bathroom furniture ensures a clear design statement. With refined touches like the Calacatta Marble finish, a range of mirrors and interior features such as soft-close drawers, interior lighting and smart storage ideas for maximum comfort, the furnishings transform the bathroom into a true composition. Combined with ceramics and furniture, the design and finishes of the color palette for the taps.