BRAND Vismaravetro
Based on extremely flexible features, Suite is a system of glass and aluminum walls designed to delimit the shower area and the sanitary area in a single solution, in the home and hotel sector. The modules are characterized by clear and essential lines, ideal for generating a free and creative distribution of spaces, according to needs. The very fact of being a watertight system of glass and metal walls makes Suite a unique product in the panorama of the most exclusive systems, however, with careful research and design, the company has gone further. From the dimensional point of view, the system is made to measure. Reaching up to 270 cm in height, the glass used can be either 10 mm thick monolithic glass or 4 + 4 mm laminated safety glass, giving Suite an incredible versatility. Furthermore, the new configurations provide that the full-height door can be hinged directly to the wall, creating further visual lightness and bringing the system closer and closer to a real domestic architecture. Furthermore, Suite does not require a ceiling anchoring, which allows you not to have to design every single element to the millimeter in order to accommodate the normal undulations of the ceiling. A system of profiles allows the subsequent closure for those who do not want to see the empty space above the upper frame. Furthermore, the doors can be opened 180 ° outwards, thus allowing the door to be completely folded onto the fixed door without obstructions. The system provides the opportunity to create tailored solutions. There are two types of handles. The standard round one is in soft touch plastic with a central aluminum insert in the same finish as the frame. The optional handle, on the other hand, is linear and made from extruded aluminum. Fixed to the door frame, it recalls the same finish as the structure.