Swing by Ex.t

DESIGNER Fabio Fantolino

Ex.t presents Swing, the new 2022 collection conceived by designer Fabio Fantolino. Once again the Florentine design company confirms its attention to the details, versatility and practicality of furniture accessories that make up its collections. Swing is a collection – composed of bathtub, furniture, washbasins and accessories -  that aims to break the mould and to translate the shapes and charms of the past into contemporary language, alternating broken lines and curves. The use of timeless materials such as wood combines perfectly with the presence of items in LivingTec©, affording a dynamic and expressive feel to the setting. Features that Ex.t has always sought after, to foster an increasingly up-to-date idea of the bathroom that can evolve and change, by following the rhythmic swings of contemporary living.