Superplan Zero

BRAND Kaldewei
Superplan Zero is the floor-level shower tray in enamelled steel designed by Werner Aisslinger for Kaldewei, with a refined, practical and sustainable design. The name tells its essence, which is that of a plate without thresholds, the result of a new patented production process. Accessible from three sides without thresholds, the minimal thickness shower tray becomes one with the floor and, thanks to the sharp edges and narrow radii of curvature, allows installation with reduced joints. The drain, particularly close to the wall, and the uniform slope guarantee a flat surface at every point, thus ensuring maximum comfort and safety in movement. Made of enamelled steel, Superplan Zero is 100 percent recyclable. The vitrified surface applied to the steel gives refinement to the whole. Aesthetically beautiful and functional, the floor-level shower trays are now a classic in the Kaldewei range and in the contemporary bathroom in general. Not only that, in addition to being comfortable and easy to clean, they break down any architectural barrier and are also ideal for elderly people or people with walking difficulties. A perfect match between design and function, these products are capable of expressing Kaldewei quality and style in the best possible way. Superplan Zero combines the aesthetic characteristics desired by the designer with the most rigorous technical and regulatory standards in a balanced way so as to always guarantee the correct flow of water. The quality of the design, followed by correct installation, whether it is for new buildings or renovations, is crucial to ensure the functionality of a shower tray flush with the floor over time and safety in use.