Linea Wellness

BRAND Megius
DESIGNER Ufficio Progetti
With its forty years of history in the world of shower enclosures, Megius is able to offer a series of solutions for the home wellness experience, that can also be created in homes with not particularly generous sizes.
In a space of 1.2 square meters Invisible is a hammam cabin with hydrotherapy made of glass, which makes it disappear inside the room. In the Idro version, it can be integrated with a column with vertical jets and hand shower, while the shower head, nebulizers, and cervical cascade appear on the roof; on the other hand, in the Tech version there are LEDs for chromotherapy and aromatherapy is included in the seat below.
Also in a 1.2 square meter space, Sauna Invisible is an indoor solution which, unlike the typical Finnish sauna made only of wood, consists of a back wall with spruce benches while the cladding walls are made of glass.
In a larger space, equal to 2.5 square meters, it is possible to set up Nirvana Sauna, in hemlock or fir which, inspired by the classic aesthetic code of these environments, is also ideal for hotels.
Instead, five square meters are needed for Nirvana Combi 2, a wellness center that integrates sauna and shower areas. Through the shower tray you can access the ritual with stove, hot stones, wooden bucket and ladle to feed the temperature up to 90-100°. After the sauna, you can get out by going through a regenerating shower.
Finally, when the spaces become larger, with at least 6 square meters available, the solution is Nirvana Combi 1, which integrates sauna, hydrotherapy and Turkish bath playing on the balance of different materials, such as wood and glass.
Megius also thought of a solution that did not yet exist, expanding the offer on the market with Steam-Me, an original multifunctional chair that can be placed inside the shower cabin to transform it into a real hammam. It is equipped with a door on the seat where the controls are integrated through which to manage the steam generator, aromatherapy, chromotherapy and the rinse hand shower.
All projects are united by reduced spaces, investments and maintenance needs, without taking anything away from quality and comfort.