Diametro35 Cross

BRAND Ritmonio
DESIGNER Project office

In Diametro35 Cross, stylistic developments at Ritmonio are expressed in an aesthetic combination of unusual beauty, combining the cross shapes of the controls with the lines of Diametro35, remodelled in new guises. Diametro35 Cross stands out for its new, balanced and well-proportioned design, the result of a careful study of market and interior trends, which propose a return to the richness of past forms and favour clean, linear geometries. The shape of the controls embodies the spirit of traditional faucets, while the proportions derived from Diametro35 ensure fluidity and ergonomics. A formal harmony that leaves room for experimentation: the possibilities offered by the sixteen finishes of the Ritmonio Finishes Selection allow the Diametro35 Cross solutions to be configured and personalised, thus representing the most diverse styles, creating surprising combinations and effects.