Finishes Selection

BRAND Ritmonio
Ritmonio proposes the Finishes Selection, a new range of colors and finishes for the relaunch of a bathroom that is increasingly the territory of sartorial choices. The company’s design finds one of its most useful expressions to satisfy customer expectations precisely in the technological and productive development of finishing, the result of long collaborations with designers and architects necessary for the creation of the various collections.
The color palettes are in fact a focus of the Bath&shower division that focuses on almost infinite chromatic possibilities able to compose a bathroom that responds with great freedom to the wishes of those who are looking for a solution increasingly bespoke. In this context, the Finishes Selection explores the shades of metal by offering decidedly innovative colors: shiny, brushed and satin pink gold; dark brushed bronze; satin black chrome and satin champagne. The range of pinks softens the slender and essential shapes of contemporary taps. Dark bronze and black chrome fit perfectly into sophisticated and sensual environments, such as those of a spa. Finally, the champagne shade is a golden hue that interprets the warmest nuances of metal in a sophisticated way.
The sixteen finishes, obtained with special processes in new generation systems with low environmental impact, complete the available range, consisting of the Glitter, Pois, Haptic, Taormina, Reverso and Diametro35 series.