BRAND Ceadesign
Designed by Natalino Malasorti, founder and art-director of Ceadesign, Abaco is a modular, simple and linear system, which hides the sanitary functions and plant technology within a single volume, adaptable to any room in the house. A project, futuristic in technology and innovation, which revolutionizes the toilet by transforming it into a sanitary fixture useful for performing every single function: washing, toilet, containment.Abaco represents a step forward compared to the already existing toilet-bidet projects as no model had ever gone so far as to combine the plumbing engineering part with the functional one. Integrating the hydraulic and electrical parts with flushing and drainage into a single system is absolutely a novelty. In addition to responding to planning and design needs by combining aesthetics with functionality, the toilet module is designed to increase the feeling of comfort thanks to a particularly ergonomic and heated seat. The monolithic composition has a plinth with floor lighting, as a courtesy light that can be activated with a presence sensor, and along the entire rear part to illuminate the wall. These are accouterments that facilitate its use, especially at night.The toilet module promotes gender equality in the use of toilets by eliminating the removable seat in order to ensure maximum hygiene and ease of cleaning. In fact, this arrangement promotes the equal use of the toilet, whereby men and women sit regardless of their gender. From a medical point of view, such a position has only advantages: the muscular action of sitting urination allows complete emptying of the bladder and allows the pelvic muscles to relax with beneficial effects in preventing prostate disorders and inflammation. Furthermore, in this way, the leakage of urine from the bowl is prevented, ensuring complete hygiene of the surfaces and the bathroom environment.
Hygiene and ease of cleaning are further supported by the complete realization of Abaco in stainless steel, a pure material, perfect for supporting environmental sustainability values ​​as it is environmentally friendly, highly hygienic and totally recyclable. The water drainage system also guarantees water savings within the limits of 4L (full drain) and 2L (eco drain).Futuristic designer and proponent of constant research in production dedicated to the world of the bathroom, Natalino Malasorti is the custodian of the Industrial Invention Patent for the sanitary toilet which integrates drain, wash and bidet functions.