Påfågel by Kasthall

BRAND Kasthall
DESIGNER Berit Woelfer

Kasthall 2021 collection Collective Impressions includes new interpretations of designers throughout the ages, via the vast archive of original sketches from the 50’s and on. Påfågel, this black and white graphic shag rug, has been revived from the early 70’s woven original edition by Berit Woelfer and reinterpreted to tuft with the help of new yarns. The original was woven in Kasthall’s quality ‘Malaga’ fabric, a wool and linen yarn, and although originally available in different color schemes the magic of the black and white is the most captivating. The time-typical floral design is trend-sensitive with its timeless personality, thanks to its color and organic graphic form. It is named after a bird –the Påfågel (Peackock) with its patterned feathers.