The Mind Landscape by Hosoo

Hosoo Co., Ltd. will launch a new textile collection, The Mind Landscape, born from the encounter with Michele De Lucchi and his multidisciplinary studio AMDL Circle. The collection celebrates the beauty of nature. Micro and macro views intertwine in a harmonious dialogue, drawing inspiration from the geometric complexity of trees and giving life to four distinct textile motifs, presented in four chromatic variations reminiscent of warm earth tones. Each fabric in the collection originates from the fusion of two elaborated images, creating an unexpected combination of textures and patterns. Macro photographs of fibers from various wood species form the main textile motif, while the captivating color nuances, including deep blues, mossy greens, and rich ochres, are derived from satellite images capturing majestic terrestrial panoramas from above. Wood transforms into fabric, where natural fibers intertwine in a combination of thicknesses, opacity, and textures.