Kiki by Bottega Ghianda

DESIGNER Romeo Sozzi
Kiki glasses for saké or grappa, by Bottega Ghianda, are small artifacts of high craftmanship born from an idea of Romeo Sozzi during a visit to Japan. Hosted by a local cabinetmaker, he participates in the ancient serving traditions of sake.  The very movements of the ritual fascinate him so much that they suggest the concentric design to be made on the wood and a shape of the base that indicates the support for the fingers. Upon his return to Italy he shares his intuition with the master cabinetmakers of Bottega Ghianda who, after countless iterations, after countless iterations a bowl in solid pear or walnut wood, turned and finished by hand to reach its purest form. The wide opening of the cup recalls that of the sakazuki, the oldest sake glasses still used for ceremonies.