Disegno di Legno by Fiemme Tremila

Indoor well-being and emotional attachment to objects: these are the roots of the new Disegno di Legno biocompatible furniture collection designed by the aledolci&co Studio for Fiemme Tremila. Six "objects of affection" guardians of the time of living, which are good for the heart and the environment: sideboard, totem, workshop and lounge tables, coffee table and chest. The furniture is made with the biocompatible brick using Triplostrato® boards, capable of improving indoor air quality. The modules are assembled with a joint system without the use of adhesives or harmful materials. The design plays with the effects of full-empty, light-dark and standing-hanging. The style is eclectic, it mixes essences, colors and textures. With healthy, tactile and even olfactory properties.