StarLight by Cotto D’Este

BRAND Cotto D'Este
DESIGNER Project office
It’s the thinnest ceramic in the world, only 3.5mm, and offers maximum resistance. Elegant with a pure shape, that becomes a casing combining textures, trend and creativity. Cotto D’Este was the first to launch this revolutionary category of products and by doing so, completely redefined architectural design. Today the large ultra-thin slabs in Kerlite are at the heart of the new collections that the brand is launching at the next Milan Design Week. Star Light perfectly epitomizes the essence of Cotto D’Este: cutting edge technology, painstaking attention to detail, maximum appeal, and elegance for an outstanding final result. These unique ceramic surfaces boast compelling veins and streaks, offering the complexity, elegance, sobriety, and visual effects of the most renowned and precious marbles, with a fresh, exclusive and stunningly glossy finish.