Marvel Travertine

DESIGNER Project office
Marvel Travertine is one of the new Atlas Concorde proposals. A project of surfaces and coverings that proposes, in a contemporary key, the aesthetics of one of the most classic architectural materials, Travertine, already used by the ancient Romans for the decoration of outdoor spaces. There are two graphic declinations for outdoor spaces: Vein Cut and Cross Cut. The former reproduces the typical striated appearance of travertine and is available in 9 mm or 20 mm thickness, the latter to be laid on driveways or on grass and gravel. The Cross Cut version more closely embodies the appearance of a stone characterised by extensive shading and is only available in 9 mm grip thickness, ideal for patios, terraces and non-walkable spaces. The collection offers three warm shades with soft Mediterranean-inspired hues, Sand, White and Pearl. Polishing the travertine could lead to a slippery stone surface: thanks to the application of specific substances, the outdoor version of Marvel Travertine is non-slip. In contrast to natural stone, in fact, porcelain stoneware graphically proposes the porous and perforated surface of travertine, preserving the aspect of permeability, much appreciated for outdoor spaces. Porcelain stoneware also has important characteristics that make it ideal for outdoor spaces: it is weather-resistant, non-porous, does not absorb liquids and does not stain. It is scratch- and slip-resistant, needs no maintenance, does not lose its natural beauty, and resists chemical attack. A feature, the latter, which is important when used in swimming pools requiring water treatment additives.