Pienza by Bisazza

BRAND Bisazza
The Pienza pattern, from the Bisazza Marmo collection by Bisazza, is a polychrome marble decor of hexagonal-shaped elements. Available in two colours, Pienza Nero (Nero Marquinia and Bianco Carrara) and Pienza Terra (Marrone Emperador and Bianco Perlino), is inspired by the traditional Renaissance polychrome stone floors, reinterpreted in a contemporary way. The collection consists of ​10 patterns, named as some of the most famous Tuscan cities, of which they evoke architecture, landscapes and colors. Suitable for internal floors and walls of residential and public buildings, even in direct contact with water, except in swimming pools and spas. All the patterns are supplied as modules with a glossy finish, assembled by hand on paper mesh for easier installation.

Ph. Gianni Franchellucci - KlunderBi