The magic of colour encounters the charm of ceramic wallpaper. Gruppo Romani’sresearch has created Chromagic, an exclusive, modern and well-matched porcelain stoneware design which meets state-of-the-art interior design trends. Chromagic combines exclusive wallpaper effect decoration patterns, tone-on-tone or clashing, with an elegant palette of 10 intense colours which exalt the texture of the resin effect surface and enable to create original and creative matches which leave their mark. Designed both for residential use and for cladding commercial spaces, Chromagic willingly abandons itself to the originality of the colourful surfaces, characterised by the hand spatula resin effect look, and allows countless design solutions for the creative and stylish personalisation of settings: from monochromatic matches to daring clashes of plain colours, also for floor applications, including creative pairing with decor that has undergone third firing technique. The size 60x120 cm modules can be used as wall tiles floor to ceiling, to be finished with the suggestive size 30x60 cm decorative trims which determine the style and the design of the vertical layout. Chromagic offers total creative freedom also when matched with the numerous textural inspirations which can be found in Gruppo Romani’s catalogue. Wood, marble, cement or metal effects merge in elegant and surprising tile laying solutions so as to decorate with a renewed spirit and personal style. Colours: Creme Caramel, Elephant Skin, Forever Pink, Green Guru, Ocean Surf, Perfect Nude, Sage and Butter, So Chic Brown, Tasty Oyster, Yellow Pikachu

Decorations: Tian Emerald, Tian Ocre, Tian Rose, Toile de Jouy Bordeaux, Toile de Jouy Olive, Toile de Jouy Ocre, Floral Blue, Floral Bordeaux, Floral Olive, Herbarium Emerald.