Legni del Doge


Composed by a noble hardwood essence and a multi-layer birch support with calibrated male-female joints on each four sides, the Legni del Doge parquet collection is suitable for low-intensity uses, such as the sleeping area of the house. Itlas has created a parquet, stable and resistant, in prefinished two-layer planking that maintains quality, elegance and naturalness throughout time and it is also its most practical and easy to install floor. Like the Assi del Cansiglio collection, it is available in different sizes with the exposed layer made out of noble wood in different essences and finishes. Legni del Doge is a firm floor, ecological, precise, technological and resistant. Furthermore, the use of the birch backing and vinyl adhesive give the parquet the best guarantees of stability, making it a recommended product to be layed on irradiant heating floors. It is a Classe A parquet with a thickness of 12 mm (±0,5) consisting of a first layer in solid wood and a second support layer in birch plywood core. The finishes are water-based and it is glued with Vinyl adhesives.

The Legni del Doge collection includes Online, a floor that comes from the Ecos project, wanted by Itlas for the revaluation of production waste derived from other industrial processes and the result of an important experimentation in the search for solutions suitable for the emergencies of climate change. Online has the appearance of the single dashboard and, at the same time, supports the best use of the raw material. In fact, this line of wooden surfaces contains secondary raw material: not production waste and not even reuse, but a new use of parts of material that would otherwise be lost. A virtuous process of productive innovation that has led Itlas to update its production lines by finding a way not to waste material.