Fugabella Color by Kerakoll

BRAND Kerakoll
DESIGNER Project office
Fugabella Color is Kerakoll’s decorative resin-cement for the grouting of ceramic tiles, mosaics and natural stone. Fugabella Color was created to meet the new aesthetic and functional needs dictated by the profound changes that have taken place in the ceramic industry, and by interior designers, clients and professional tile fixers looking for a product that can guarantee the best aesthetic continuity to a discontinuous surface. Its 50 colour-palette, combined with the 150 colours of the Color Collection - that is, Kerakoll’s complete system of eco-friendly decorative paints and resins - offers a wide range of combinations. From elegant tone-on-tone effects to bold grouting choices with contrasting joints, the chromatic affinity between Fugabella Color and Color Collection ensures unique combinations between joints and decorative coverings.