The Top by Marazzi

BRAND Marazzi
DESIGNER Project office
The texture range of the Marazzi The Top porcelain stoneware slabs offers solid colours and marble, stone, cement and metal effect surfaces that can be combined with the various lines in the catalogue, creating continuity between the kitchen and living spaces, private and contract, indoor and outdoor. Through modern worktops and islands, backsplashes and shelves, the kitchen declines its functional destination to welcome and entertain. With worktops or seating that transform into displays to showcase glass and china, photos and posters, creating an uninterrupted dialogue with the living area. The stoneware cladding, thanks to its different thicknesses, makes it possible to create continuity between floor and furniture elements, as well as covering sides and top with a single material. Thanks to the maxi-formats, The Top makes it possible to work on extra-ordinary sizes and shapes, with a versatility in cutting and different processing able to respond to different interior design concepts. The slabs are designed for surfaces in contact with food which, thanks to the premium Puro Marazzi Antibacterial technology, eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms.