Allestimento Gaia

BRAND Arredo3
DESIGNER Project office
Arredo3 presents Gaia, the first eco-sustainable fitting made of eco-friendly or recycled materials. Arredo3's mission has always focused on the production of design kitchens made in Italy, with high technological and quality standards, a winning choice thanks to a mix of concreteness, accessibility and sustainability. Gaia, made of eco-friendly, recycled and sustainable materials, is Arredo3's first fitting that was created to offer solutions that respect nature, in line with the company's evolution towards a green path. The display groups together elements composed of recycled and recyclable materials and is designed for a conscious public, attentive to quality and design, and sensitive to the themes of safeguarding the planet, thus offering an opportunity to reflect on the product's life cycle. For example, the Gaia doors are made of recycled Pet applied to a wood panel that is also recycled. The veneer of the beams is composed of post-consumer recycled beams (also interesting from an aesthetic point of view, because it makes each piece unique). The glass and aluminium of the doors are recyclable: in particular, aluminium is an infinitely recyclable material that always keeps its qualities intact, and it is also the material of choice for the handles, for the structures of the Rubik and Open open complements, as well as the Modus equipped channels and some tables. The Arredo3 kitchen compositions with Gaia fittings are made with elements that come from recycled and recyclable materials such as the Pet in the door, the panels in recycled wood particles, and the tops in sustainably produced ceramic materials such as Laminam or Abitum. Today, sustainable materials also have excellent resistance characteristics, as well as being declined in sophisticated finishes that do not detract from the pleasantness and beauty of the surfaces. As with all Arredo3 models, each Gaia fitted kitchen is made to suit the customer's real needs in order to adapt to any space and design style while respecting the environment.