Case 5.0

DESIGNER Piero Lissoni

Twenty years have passed between the first launch of Case 5.0 and its current proposal, during which time technology and design have advanced and Boffi and Lissoni have had the opportunity to study and listen to the consumer. The reinterpretation of forms has evolved into Case 5.0 - Becoming in 2022 which, this year, has further functional and aesthetic implementations. Such as, for example, the possibility of having the door built especially for Case 5.0 in 6 mm thick glass with a folding effect, a process in which the glass covers the structure of the door itself and the handle head, favouring material continuity. Four shades of reflective glass can be applied: coffee, grey, black and dove grey. These new finishes are flanked by the new spatulate clay that can be applied to the doors in the Hydra, Columbia, Pegaso, Lyra and Andromeda price list colour variants. Boffi also implements for Case 5.0, the Case 5.0 Sliding peninsulas, equipped with a frame with sliding guides, mounted directly on the kitchen top, allowing three types of sliding: lateral, frontal, oblique, creating cantilevered areas useful for preparation and service operations. The dimensions presuppose sinks of equal importance and capacity: here are new configurations in stainless steel or, as undercounter, in marble, MDi by Inalco composite and granite. The potential of the materials is moulded into a single bowl with strainer, double bowl or 1-metre sink, in addition to the bowls already in the Boffi offer.