NikolaTesla Unplugged


NikolaTesla Unplugged was created to create a natural and immediate relationship with the product: it is controlled with fixed click knobs, with analogue touch&feel, to access functions quickly and intuitively. All elements are integrated in an aesthetic with a strong character, designed to separate the cooking area from the control area. A shockproof bulkhead protects the control area from any contact with pots and pans and from liquid spills. The knobs provide professionalism, robustness and quality: the texture covers a stable internal structure, while the magnetic release of the aesthetic cover makes maintenance easy and accurate. Linearity and easy cleaning of the hob are guaranteed by the central glass flap that conceals the suction area and activates it when necessary. The design is at the service of cooking and suction performance right from the three automatic cooking functions: Melting to prevent the bottom of the pan from burning in case of delicate preparations; Warming for the right level of heat for slow cooking such as creams or sauces; Simmering to prevent water from escaping during boiling. NikolaTesla Unplugged supports fast cooking by bringing water to the boil 30 per cent faster than a conventional hob, so dishes are fried in half the time, resulting in crispier and tastier food. Finally, the presence of two Bridge zones makes it possible to prepare dishes that require the use of large pans by joining two adjacent cooking areas and ensuring even cooking across the entire surface. The Autocapture function allows you to concentrate on the recipe without worrying about unpleasant odours, as the most suitable air extraction power is set, adjusting and decreasing it to eliminate residual odours at the end of cooking. The suction system in the centre of the top guarantees high smoke pick-up. At maximum suction, Comfort Silence technology ensures minimal noise disturbance levels. In the event of liquids accidentally falling into the suction compartment, a valve allows them to be safely discharged. The system provides access from above to the Long Life ++ odour filters that reach filtering levels of up to 80% (compared to the market average of 60%) and can be regenerated for up to 5 years. NikolaTesla Unplugged is not just a precious design object with a strong look: it is inspired by the needs of those who work in the kitchen every day and is intended for those who know the pleasure of using technologies that make it easier to achieve the desired results.