BRAND Modulnova
Blade, designed by Carlo Presotto and Andrea Bassanello, is a creation that tells the figure and approach of Modulnova, a brand founded in 1988 by Dario, Giuseppe and Carlo Presotto. The rationalism that distinguishes the program with which Modulnova has applied the concept of integrated design already adopted in the living proposal to the kitchen, finds in this setting one of its most refined expressions. A balance of elements, shapes and materials that fit harmoniously into the volumes of the domestic space: Blade is the ideal system for declining the design language of Modulnova in the kitchen. The two functional and impressive blocks in Piasentina stone with ribbed processing (cooking and washing) are the protagonists of the kitchen environment. Joining them into a single island of great visual impact is the stoneware worktop with black metal finish, which also continues on the fronts of the storage bases. On the wall, two distinctly tactile coverings give natural elegance to the environment: the ribbed Piasentina stone, also used for a second slightly protruding worktop, functional to the oven (also equipped with special equipment for grilling), and the wood of cedar with black finish for the fronts of the equipped columns. From this harmonious meeting of proportions, shapes, precious materials and exclusive finishes, a luxury that is not ostentatious, but measured and elegant, is enhanced by the smooth door in aluminum honeycomb, very light and resistant. With Blade, the furnishing proposal becomes an integral part of the architectural project, integrating perfectly into the living space. An aesthetic and functional language that embodies and expresses the unique and recognizable style of the brand.