BRAND Scavolini
DESIGNER Vittore Niolu
The contemporary house is open in the project signed Scavolini in collaboration with Vittore Niolu.
The new Formalia collection, designed by enhancing the kitchen as the true center of the home, is the result of a careful research on the evolution of living that leads to a modular and unconventional proposal capable of interpreting the social role of home in today’s world. Fabiana Scavolini, CEO of the company founded in 1961 in Pesaro, remarks: “The search for the essence, both in form and in matter, is the strong point of the project in which design responds to the concrete needs of everyday life by enhancing every room of the house in refined way”.
A kitchen, living and bathroom project where linearity and graphic design meet: the hallmark of Formalia is the shaped door with metal built-in handle, capable of creating a game of rigorous and contemporary lines.The linear development and signs with a regular rhythm are the project codes also declined in the details of the Status Wall System: a modular system that can be integrated into the kitchen project or freely used as a partition between two rooms. Status enhances the concept of modular open structure with always different combinations. A versatility that enhances various solutions, such as creating a comfortable office area within the home.
Modular and adaptable, Formalia reinterprets the home system through integrated furniture by function: each piece of furniture – bookcases, custom containers, modular elements and desks – finds its ideal location in a highly personalized environment thanks to the free configuration.
The introduction of the titanium finish creates elegant chromatic connections between wall units, handles, sockets and Status structure. These components are also available in refined black and rust shades, which together with the lacquered, decorative or recycled PET versions of the doors, allow them to be mixed together for maximum customization of the environment.