Project 01 Outdoor Collection

BRAND Modulnova
Project 1 of the Outdoor collection presents the new XY peninsula in light heat-treated Ash wood. A true sculpture with a minimalist design and strong evocative power, the peninsula contributes to defining a project of timeless elegance. The XY series is also composed of tailor-made elements (peninsula, table, bench, chaise longue) and fine finishes that in this case are translated into the combination of solid heat-treated Ash wood and a stainless steel structure with black epoxy finish. The project is completed by the Sipario sideboard in Gold Brown stoneware which, in its lines and materials, establishes a harmonious continuity with the cooking unit. A modular and customisable storage element with clean and rigorous lines, the Sipario sideboard is equipped with technical solutions that emphasise its elegance and performance, such as the extreme lightness of the stoneware sides and top given by a thickness of only 6 mm, and the system of hinged doors and recessed fronts that allows for an optimal grip on the handle. Lastly, the alternation of volumes that defines the Sipario sideboard adds dynamism, enhanced by a refined combination of materials: the stone effect of Gold Brown porcelain stoneware is flanked by the cloudy reflection of Bronze Dust metal, giving rise to a combination with a strongly contemporary character that at the same time helps emphasise the link with the natural context in which the elements are inserted.