BRAND Scavolini
Designed by Vuesse, Lumina is the new Scavolini kitchen characterized by formal cleanliness, flexibility and stylistic research. A sophisticated proposal that stands out for its extreme attention to detail and is designed for those who like to surround themselves with furnishings with a strong personality and stage presence.
The new finishes, available in three shades with a pearl effect, enhance the modern, refined design of the kitchen with the latest color variants that fit into the range of lacquers, gloss and matte, and are also available for glass fronts, as well as with canneté aesthetics.
A distinguishing element of the model is the door with a 40° cut for greater grip ergonomics, combined with two types of grooves, Round or Flat. In addition, 75-cm modularity has been introduced for the base units. This unprecedented alternative to the standard 60 cm width allows for greater versatility and is ideal for installing the latest generation of built-in appliances. The perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics is also highlighted by the perforated sheet metal element for the wall units or for the free-standing or suspended sliding elements. The internal lighting and the see-through effect of the texture, available in two different patterns (Round and Linear), add style and character to the compositions.
The Lumina program guarantees compositional freedom with respect to the available space -in-line, island, corner or peninsula- each characterized by an extremely clean and rigorous line. Furthermore, to ensure continuity between kitchen and living area, the collection offers integrated solutions to create a multifunctional environment, where operational activities and relaxation coexist harmoniously.
Lumina represents a proposal with a strong identity that synthesizes the harmonious balance of volumes, shapes and materials.