DESIGNER Project office

Iconica was created as a natural extension of the Lounge system that stands out for its ample storage capacity and design standards aimed at making the kitchen an even more welcoming and functional place. The model proposes a new aesthetic vision and a break with classic compositional schemes through the absence of the upper profile on the base units and the use of a system of alignments that goes beyond the traditional way of thinking about design: no longer just a precise and clean horizontal alignment, but lines that fragment and create a more articulated visual game. A new representation, thanks to the use of the profile for opening only at the intermediate level that offers a vision between the top and the front, and the drawers that, arranged in a staggered pattern or composed with the use of different materials and finishes, create new volumes and generate unlimited aesthetic variations. Wood, glossy, matt lacquered and liquid metal finishes, Fenix® and decorative laminates, Soft matt lacquered, glossy and matt lacquered glass, wood and matt glass canneté, coexist in combination even in the same module to offer a wide range of choice and to indulge the desire to dress unusual atmospheres. In the composition in the gallery, the Dark Ash island of the Iconica model is combined with the glass columns of the Ri-flex model. Ri-flex uses the expressive power of glass, declined in several colour solutions, to respond with concreteness and elegance to the most sophisticated aesthetic and functional requirements. The columns create a play of uniformity with the wall, interrupted by glass panels that alternate with closed spaces. The island is the protagonist: the counter with Rock support offers itself both as a study/work space and for sharing and, connected to the cooking area, shares its thicknesses and top finishes.