UltraOpaco by FerreroLegno

BRAND FerreroLegno
DESIGNER Project office

Aesthetics, innovation and sustainability: these are the guiding elements that inspired FerreroLegno when creating UltraOpaco, a range of 25 nuances with a pleasantly soft, velvety and sophisticated touch, the expression of a new way of living that is attentive to trends and the environment. A finish with a strong and distinctive look, available for many models including Equa from Zero collection. UltraOpaco stands out for its strong eco-sustainable component that is expressed in the use of water-based bio paints, formulated with renewable, non-toxic and eco-friendly raw materials oriented to the principles of circular economy, with a very low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content, no formaldehyde, and a production cycle that drastically reduces CO2. In addition, it has high resistance to scratches, coffee stains and cold liquids, resilience and anti-fingerprint properties.