Vandalized Granny by Londonart

BRAND Londonart
DESIGNER Dsquared2
From fashion to design, the graphic and pop elements are the protagonists in the Vandalized Granny's Flowers print, where a traditional floral base meets a range of grunge, street-art like elements. The design is part of the Dsquared2 Wallpaper collection created for Londonart, a co-design project that involved two leaders in their sector in a harmonious union. A journey through iconic and best-selling designs selected from the most significant in Dsquared2 history with an approach to home decor that favours a timeless classicism built on concepts such as symmetry and clean lines. A kaleidoscope of decorations, motifs, weaves, sensations and visions, which meet different styles, tastes and needs, to the point that each pattern makes itself recognizable to coexist well with the others. In this mix & match of decorative elements, the result is a wall covering that knows how to be casual and elegant at the same time.