Apax by Danese

BRAND Danese
DESIGNER Mario Cucinella

Apax, designed by Mario Cucinella for Danese, is the polished brass centerpiece inspired by the House for Peace in Scanzano Jonico, Matera, a project donated to the City of Peace Foundation for children, established by the Nobel Peace Prize winner Betty Williams in Basilicata. The centerpiece comes from a single sheet folded with the origami technique to create the shape of a butterfly. In 2019 Mario Cucinella presented his collection of “Building Objects” design objects created together with masters of glass, marble, wood, ceramic, terracotta, brass and fabrics: each object is inspired by a formal or structural element of a specific architecture designed throughout his career. The objects tell a story and at the same time offer new points of view and unexpected combinations, leaving everyone to dialogue with each single drawing.