BRAND Instabilelab
Instabilelab produces unexpected, original wallpapers, inspired by an imaginary that is not afraid to choose strong. The Custom-Me project is their radical extension, an idea of ​​decorative surface that spreads from the walls onto the furniture, textiles and floors. The concept of a decoration that comes out of the two-dimensional coordinates of the walls and becomes a total look. Particularly effective for the contract, to give a decisive character to any type of collective space, the intrinsic flexibility makes Custom-Me applicable also to living spaces and for any interior project that requires a high degree of customization. From the walls to the bed, from the tables to the lamps, from the carpets to the consoles, the designs are repeated and expanded on the surfaces, creating a unique graphic landscape, a surprising decorative continuum. The accessories proposed by the Custom-Me catalog are made by a team of local Italian artisans, for a project that, in addition to quality, is committed to rediscovering the zero-kilometer mastery of local manufactures and the sustainability of ethical choices that reflect commitment and participation. Custom-Me takes the concept of interior decoration into a new field of design research. It is a real tool for design and freedom of expression, an ideal tool for interior designers, who can decide the degree of customization and the impact that the surface has on the space as a whole. In January 2021, the Custom-Me catalog was extended to include graphics and accessories, furnishings and fabrics. It is even more readable and simple, an effective aid for dialogue with customers and for orienting their design choices. The other great plus of the company is the originality and the unstoppable flair of the continuously renewed graphics. Instabilelab has always studied proposals of great aesthetic performance, never ordinary concepts - but always refined, sometimes irreverent - which also combine the guarantee of color and materials with graphics. Wallpapers, like any other product, have evolved a lot from a technological point of view and today they have characteristics that make them unique for the vividness of the reproductions and performing from a technical point of view. Instabilelab offers certified products, water and weather resistant and washable. The floor version is resistant to foot traffic and the fiberglass papers guarantee 99% reduction of batteries.