Be Grateful WallPaper Collection by Novacolor

BRAND Novacolor

Novacolor presents Be Grateful WallPaper Collection, inspired by the morphology of our planet seen from above, signed by the architect Barbara Sansonetti. The project stems from the new Novacolor 2021 “Be Grateful” concept and the company's green approach which aims to promote, through color, a widespread sense of gratitude that can reconnect us to mother earth and make us aware of our choices, and how these can substantially affect the future of the world. “The design idea was born precisely from the vision of satellite photos of our planet and the beauty of some places which, from above, naturally form geometric shapes. Cities, desert landscapes, endless expanses of water and irrigated fields around the world become patterns that tell us how man has interacted with nature.” Seven geographical areas around the world have inspired the satellite geometries that decorate the seven lines of the collection and that the brand offers by combining them with its decorative products and flat paints.