Asko dishwashers

DESIGNER Project office
Made according to the Scandinavian canons, Asko dishwashers are characterized by a totally retractable sliding door that aesthetically requires its installation flush with the kitchen furniture, thanks to a system that allows the dishwasher door to slide up and down.
This solid and functional goes hand in hand with attention to the environment and waste reduction with the production of appliances for domestic use, equipped with the functionality and performance of professional washing, which are made by reducing the use of plastic. The machines, in fact, are 8 Steel, that is eight of the components subjected to greater wear and tear – the interior, the loading baskets, the pipes, the dispensers, the base and the feet, the filter and the heating element - are made entirely of steel.
Up to nine different jets of water in each area of ​​the dishwasher, ensuring complete cleaning. At the end of the washing process, the drying one uses the internal hot air and then the Auto Door Open Drying function: the dishwasher door opens automatically to end the drying process by dissipating the steam inside.
The range includes 82cm XL and 86cm XXL appliances. The capacity, with the same external dimensions, is considerably higher in comparison with the standards, which allows even large dishes and glasses to be placed in the dishwasher. In addition, up to fourteen place settings can be washed.
The new generation Asko dishwashers are also equipped with Status Light, an indicator light that indicates the progress of the program. Depending on the model, up to thirteen programs and up to four washing modes are available: Green, which saves water and energy; Quick, which reduces washing time by 50 percent; Intensive, suitable for dishes with hard-to-remove dry residues; and Night, which reduces the noise level.
Finally, thanks to Aqua Safe, the dishwasher is leak-proof.