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Minimal and elegant, LG's new ovens feature InstaView technology, already found on LG refrigerators, which allows you to look inside the oven with a simple knock on the glass, without fear of burning yourself. The four panes of glass in the oven door insulate from heat and make InstaView ovens extremely safe; the quality of the materials guarantees resistance, durability and easy maintenance also thanks to the dedicated functions. The EasyClean function and pyrolysis function ensure that the oven is always clean even after the most daring cooking experiments. Functional and easy to use, InstaView ovens are a complete household appliance thanks to the many cooking options: traditional, fan or static cooking, steaming, vacuum cooking, air frying. InstaView ovens are also the ideal allies for novice chefs or for those who like to try out new recipes: thanks to the free ThinQ app, you can download many tasty and original recipes to test out different cooking methods. The essential and compact design, while providing a large capacity of 76 litres, combined with the absence of knobs and the touch display, allows InstaView ovens to blend in with the style of any kitchen. High energy efficiency (class A+ and A++) completes the features of this oven line.