BRAND Quooker
DESIGNER Project office
Quooker is an appliance that can instantly dispense not only filtered and chilled water, still or sparkling, but also boiling water at 100°C, enabling faster cooking by eliminating the waiting time to bring water to a boil.
Inventor of the boiling water dispensing system, Quooker is, with over 50 years of experience and more than 80 patents, the world‘s largest manufacturer of this type of product. The system consists of a smart faucet, available in many shapes and colors, and a tank (3l. or 7l.), usually placed under the sink, which allows the water to be maintained at a constant temperature of 108°C with an average daily energy consumption of only 10 W (to be clear less than your home wi-fi router). The use of Quooker turns out to be convenient, comfortable and environmentally friendly. In fact, it allows for significant energy savings by reducing the number of refrigerator door openings or the time the stove, microwave, or kettle is used. Quooker of course also functions as a regular faucet, with the advantage of also immediately dispensing non-boiling hot water, avoiding unnecessary waiting and saving more than 4,000 L. of water in a single year. Quooker provides maximum safety in the kitchen -for example, it cannot spill, unlike a pot or kettle- in part due to the fact that activation for boiling water occurs only through a safety ring. In addition, filtered water, cold or at room temperature, still or sparkling, dispensed directly from the Quooker system makes the use of plastic bottles unnecessary.