Smart Gateway & Thermo ICE WiFi

BRAND Gewiss
DESIGNER Ufficio Progetti
The contemporary home is a smart home where, without sacrificing comfort and elegance, design helps to manage in a simple and centralized way all the building automation functions, at any time and wherever you are.
The Gewiss Smart Home has six main functions, connected to the concepts of protection, safety, sustainability, happiness, comfort and hospitality. The goal is to create an ecosystem in which different solutions coexist that interact with each other and guarantee well-being throughout the home.
The heart of the entire Smart Home system is Smart Gateway, a device built on a cloud platform on which all information from the home converge. Smart Gateway allows data from different protocols to be transferred to devices and client applications and facilitate the exchange of information among all the devices. Smart Gateway connects to a socket outlet and, via wireless, to the home modem router. The Smart Gateway app also allows intuitive access to all functions, both locally and remotely.
Thermo ICE Wifi, on the other hand, is a touch thermostat that can also be managed remotely with chronothermostat functionality. This stand-alone thermostat with wall-mounted touch controls for controlling heating/cooling and humidification/dehumidification systems, has integrated proximity, temperature and humidity sensors. Also in this case, the Thermo ICE 2.0 app for smartphones allows remote management, expanding its functionality from a simple thermostat to a chronothermostat. In fact, in addition to controlling the thermostat and checking its operating status, it is possible to schedule the time both manually and through the self-learning function of the thermal gradient.
The renewed offer of solutions proposed by Gewiss makes up a complete system that is among the benefits supported by the Superbonus 110 percent.